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0005 - It Isn't What You Think

Want to understand how you can process, shift, and integrate your unconscious emotions? In this episode, I step you through using what I was experiencing today. Remember - it isn't always about what you think it's about!

0004 - Being an Empathetic Witness

Want to understand how to help someone who you care about, who is experiencing depression, shame, guilt, and/or isolation? Learn how to be an Empathetic Witness.

0003 - 3 Game Changers

Plough shares 3 game-changers in improving his emotional resilience, recovery, and well-being.

0002 - Plough Loses a Bet

Plough loses a bet that he knew better than to make and answers a listener's question about emotional overload.

0001 - Plough gets Ploughed by Winston Yeung

In a surprise twist, Plough gets Ploughed by Winston Yeung. This episode went full Inception-mode. Or Plough-ception... 😬

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